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  • Which product is recommended based on my entrepreneurial level?
    We strongly suggest that you consult our "ROADMAP" section. It contains all the answers to your questions, and we feed it as soon as possible.
  • Why do I find cheaper on the internet?
    The large companies that offer models of legal acts have often raised millions of euros before creating their company, and have a business model that favors rapid mass profitability, rather than the relational link with customers. We aim for a lasting bond, the simplicity of the law and fun. The team is therefore on a human scale, there are not 3600 interlocutors, and therefore we can constantly evolve in relation to our community, and not in relation to the figures. #downwithfastfashionlegal
  • "I'm going to call a lawyer instead, I don't want to take my head"
    It's up to you to see a lawyer, and entrust him with the personalized drafting of your legal pages. We work together with partner lawyers, whom we will be happy to recommend to you. We systematically redirect to them for any request for personalized drafting, therefore tailor-made, and any request for legal advice. On the other hand... If you want to complete our models, independently, you know where to find us.
  • "We are not likely to all have the same legal pages, suddenly?"
    That's a valid question. You will inevitably stand out by the written personalization of the models, but also visually. The legal frameworks will remain common, but the history, the implementation, and the graphic charter will make all the difference. That's why we leave about 10% of parts to be completed, to be carefully personalized by each of our customers. And that's why we provide Legal Branding templates, in case of purchase of packs, with a training video on "How to make your legal pages sexy". You are unique. Your legal pages will be too.
  • "Yeah but hey... in 2 clicks I find it on Google for free."
    It's a bias. We do not recommend free templates on Google, as they are rarely updated with current regulations, and too often unsuitable for the user's field of activity. For example: A professional training contract model will never have the same legal basis as a subcontracting contract. Same: a model of general conditions of sale in B2B (between pros) will never be worth that for B2C (between pros and individuals). In addition, they are often hard to rehabilitate yourself.
  • "I'm afraid I can't do it alone..."
    You are not alone. There is a whole community of Legal Friends who think like you. That's why we very often feed the forum, with the FAQ part and additional clauses. We also organize masterclasses and workshops reserved for our community! Compliance is much more chill when there are several of us :)
  • What if the law changes?
    (That's a question we love) We offer access to the monitoring forum for all beneficiaries of one of our legal packs. It includes a whole tab concerned with legal monitoring, updated by our lawyer, on a regular basis (if possible, every week). This forum is accessible for 1 year after the order. The forum therefore contains:- a library of clauses to pick (explained in videos)- a legal watch area- a FAQ space made up of questions with already established answers. You can also ask questions in the comments.- a TUTO space to personalize your documents- a resource space (written guides, particularly on online business)
  • But by the way, isn't what you're doing illegal?
    You can imagine that... Legality knows us. We are very transparent about the limits of the model bar, because we strictly respect article 66-1 of Law No. 71-1130 of December 31, 1971 reforming certain judicial and legal professions, as well as the jurisprudential position on online legal documentation. We only carry out the activities authorized by this same Law: only legal documentation, and information of a documentary nature. You will only find here model-type contracts or other legal documents, and only information media (ebooks, videos). For any personalized request, we will refer you to our partner lawyers.
  • "I want a discount please..."
    We are not a fan of "random" discounts. However, we are very loyal to our customers. That's why, if you bought a pack or a model, and you are an ambassador in our business referral program, you benefit from -20% on all items in the model bar, in the future. That's what becoming our Legal frieeeeeend 🍑
  • Why your models and not those of competitors (cheaper)?
    The truth? It's that we're all cool and awesome. Our competitors. U.S. too. You also. Everyone. If you want to go to our competitors, it's because they offer what suits you. If you want to work with us, it's because you want to comply while having fun and you like our concept. There is room for everyone 😍
  • I can do whatever I want with the model?
    Oh... For that, we refer you to our general conditions of sale, and more specifically the clause on intellectual property 💌 but... No. You can't do everything: like selling them, giving them away, distorting them, substantially modifying them...
  • Isn't it easier if I copy your T&Cs directly?
    Isn't it easier if we don't have to sue you for acts of economic parasitism and counterfeiting?😭

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